Teacher Pilates Gym

As a teacher, I know your own practice can so often fall off your to-do list & when you do practice it might be an online class without someone casting their experienced eye over you. I also know when I get on the Reformer I will follow my favourite routine which isn't always what I need & I know I'm not alone.

This is why I have created the Teacher's Pilates Gym to give you a chance to have a tailor-made program using the apparatus you have at home or in your studio that will lead you towards your current movement goals & with me facilitating & teaching.

What it looks like

8 weeks

Wednesdays @ 2 pm (BST)

50-minute sessions

Tailor-made program including the homework

Not to mention the chance to connect with your colleagues on a weekly basis.

You may need a zoom 121 in advance if you have not worked with me before &/or email me your goals, apparatus & health conditions before the first class date. If not please scroll down to book straight onto the Gym.

121 - Book here

E-mail me here

Class dates:

Wednesday 11th October at 2pm

Wednesday 18th October at 2pm

Wednesday 25th October at 2pm (BST)

Wednesday 8th November at 2pm (BST)

Wednesday 29th November at 2pm (BST)

Wednesday 6th December at 2 pm (BST)

Wednesday 13th December at 2 pm (BST)

Wednesday 20th December at 2 pm (BST)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't attend all sessions?

This is a course of gyms designed to provide progression within the time frame. If you can't attend any please wait for the next round to join.

How do I join Zoom?

You will receive a zoom link once you have booked. It's the same link for all sessions so it's worth saving it somewhere safe.

What equipment do I need?

We will work with whatever equipment you have but you will need the same for each session.

How long is each session?

Each gym lasts 50 minutes.

How many people are in each session?

There will be a maximum of 6 people.

Will the Gym sessions be recorded?

Not by the host but if you wish to record yourself you can do so on a separate device.