Hi, I’m Claire Sparrow

I understand as a mum of three just how important it is to be able to run after your children freely without worry. I also know how hard it is to find time to focus on your own self-care & it stays constantly on your to-do list. This is why I created online courses so that you can access the tools you need to conquer your core in your own time in the comfort of your own home.

Pilates Teachers I also know how much time you commit to your ongoing education and serving your clients with the most up to date knowledge and skill you can find. Online courses and mentoring with me allows you to fit that in without leaving your home. I also know you need to do class & take time out for your own self-care which is why I created live Real Reformer classes, pre-recorded bite-sized classes & content that is easy to fit in.

Whether you are a Pilates Teacher, an enthusiast or a woman looking to restore your pelvic floor there is something for you including gentle nudges of accountability & online community support too.

Claire Sparrow

Cultivating Community &

Inspiring Possibilities Within You!

You will be inspired and motivated to see the potential and possibilities within yourself and learn the skills and strategies to take action and achieve your goals.  

You will have access to the highest quality education in the comfort of your own home at a pace that works for you. I have successfully run brick and mortar studios for 15 years and I am an internationally recognised Pilates Educator and specialist in Pelvic Health. The online studio is my way to reach more of you with groundbreaking and influential Pilates, movement and anatomy education for the enthusiast, women on a journey of healing & fledgling teachers looking for an experienced mentor.

"I provide accessible education for Pilates enthusiasts, women with pelvic health conditions, pre & postnatal women, student teachers & Pilates teachers."
What Clients Say

"I was told by my GP l had posterior wall prolapse. This was the end of the world for me! I also had ongoing knee and back problems which l learnt were all connected.  I attended the pelvic health course and started to gain more of an awareness of what was happening with my body as a whole body approach, l feel confident in the methods provided by Claire and trust in the process." Jenny

"The Pelvic Health course is already transforming my life! If only I'd known a few years ago that breathing into my pelvis and releasing tension there would make such a difference. I thought my problems were just an inevitable consequence of the menopause. Thank you". Susan 68

What Teachers Say

"You are a genius.... I wish I could do a data dump of your wisdom in how to move better more efficiently. "

Whitney Vauvelle

"A Pilates teacher myself I am drawn to Claire as each time I do a class with her on zoom she answers so many of my questions and fills me with inspiration and new ideas.

I am so grateful to have been able to tap into these classes on zoom and for me, looking positively, lockdown has actually brought me so much learning and inspiration from these wonderful people."

Jenny Newbery

What Mentees Say

"I feel so cared for and safe in Claire’s reformer class but empowered and motivated also. Love the energy pace and excitement of her teaching keeps me in the moment and feeling invigorated afterwards."

"Thank you Claire , your teachings are clear and make so much sense. You are a walking example of someone who has worked really hard on all of this stuff and then has the conviction to stand strong in what they believe."