Teacher's Corner

Enhance your teaching

Workshops, Polestar Student Check In Sessions, Coaching & In Person or Zoom One to Ones to enhance & develop your teaching skills.

Learn Why

Understand your why as a teacher, the theory behind what you teach & Whole Body Pelvic Health© Mentoring.

Improve Your Movement

Classes, workshops, One to Ones to improve your embodiment of the Pilates method for your life.

Whole Body Pelvic Health© Mentorship Online

Join Claire's small group mentoring program combining pre-recorded material & twice-monthly Zooms. Guest lecturers include Anna Crowle Women's Health Physiotherapist, Author & Educator James Earls & others.

  • Learn the common dysfunctions affecting women including both hypertonicity & a new perspective on Pelvic Organ Prolapse.
  • What to look for & how to asess
  • The role of Mindset, imagery & empowerment 
  • Where to start, creating an environment for change. 
  • Whole Body Pelvic Health© Concepts 
  • How to adapt your apparatus programming for the pelvic health client.
  • Present a Case Study applying your learning.

By application only, for teachers with a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience. All sessions will be a mix of recorded lectures & lives by zoom.

Modern Anatomy for Pelvic Health

If you & your clients wonder why traditional Pelvic Floor exercises are not working we will explore exactly why that is!

Pilates for Pelvic Health

Eliminate your fear of working with this client group & feel confident that you know how to effectively adapt your Pilates programming.

Your Case Studies

A unique opportunity to bring your own client case studies to learn how you can program & teach them most effectively & learn from other teachers case studies.

Whole Body Pelvic Health© Mentorship Online

Next Enrolment November 2023

E-mail me with the subject line WBPH Mentorship and share your training, experience and a little bit about why you would like to join. All teachers are advised to participate in the Whole Body Pelvic Health Course in preparation for their mentorship.

Pilates Connect - Accountability & Strategy Group

Have you got a head full of ideas that you struggle to take action on or do you have a lot of half finished projects?

Do you need to find an idea or choose a direction?

Do you need support, strategy & accountability to reach your ideal goals?

Do you want to join me & a small group of like-minded Pilates professionals who want to up-level their skills & the industry as a whole?

Do you want to connect with a community & share ideas, brainstorm & progress together?

Are you ready to make the most of the end of 2023 & prepare to fulfil your potential & your dreams in 2024?

Monthly calls, teaching, self-practice, business and personal growth strategies, closed telegram group for ongoing support, all your how to be a Pilates Teacher & Business owner questions answered plus the Accountability you need to follow through on your big goals. 

4 pm - 5.15 pm one Monday per month.

Polestar Pilates Education

Polestar is a true community that empowers people from where they are to grow and succeed. Not without challenge but by providing a safe and positive environment that makes it easy for people to move forward in new ways. 

I had trained with many other schools before discovering Polestar. I had looked at Polestar over the years and never pursued it because I was scared of the physio influence and that it would be over my head. It turned out to be exactly what I needed to answer all the questions I had. I am creative, lateral thinking and intuitive so learning scripts, teaching rote and not knowing the why behind what we were doing really never worked for me. Polestar allows us to be creative, to be who we are as humans and teach from there.

The next Leeds dates are 2023/2024 Comprehensive.

Click Here for Polestar

Claire hanging around

Teacher's Self-Care Retreat

In-person Chapel Allerton Pilates

Leeds 6th & 7th July 2024

Escape to Leeds for a day and a half with Claire to restore & reinvigorate yourself & your teaching. A mixture of inspiring & nourishing classes for you, labs & open floor time to ask questions & explore forgotten or new repertoire & also very importantly a chance for community connection. We will have special guests, lunch & refreshments are provided and an evening meal will be booked for those who’d like it. We end the first day with a woodland walk & talk on the theme of the weekend; Self Care. 

Places are limited. 

Saturday 10am - 5.30pm 

Sunday 9.45am - 12.30pm


Reformer Class Testimonial

“You have to do these classes if you have access to a reformer . There such a joy and keep me focused on my self practice. I’m loving revisiting them in my library such a valuable resource “ 

Mini Mentorship Testimonial

Karen shares so beautifully her experience of the Mini Mentorship and how it radically changed her life and created the clarity for her teaching career that she needed.