Mum to three boys

I know how busy life is as a mum! I also know how important it is to be strong, flexible & healthy to keep up with my children. I discovered I had Diastasis Recti after having my first son & I was utterly devastated. I was fit & healthy & this was unexpected. I learned all I could about the condition & set about healing my own & then working with other women. 16 years later & two more babies I have specialised in helping women achieving all their post natal goals.

Benefits of Post Natal Pilates Online

  • Regain your strength in a safe & progressive way
  • Restore your abdominal muscles & pelvic floor
  • Eliminate the aches & pains in your shoulders, back & hips
  • Reduce stiffness & improve flexibility throughout our body
  • Achieve mind body balance & a sense of calm
  • Exercise at home any time or on the app on the go

Achieve it all in bite sized classes that can dovetail into your day smoothly & easily.

Pilates while baby plays
Exercise While Baby Plays

Time & space is not a problem. Classes are as short as 5 minutes, can be done standing, sitting & on the floor by your baby while they play. You don't even need any special equipment to achieve your goals of improved posture, restored core strength and increased flexibility!

Expert teaching
Expert Teaching

A leader & expert in her field, Claire has been teaching for over twenty years, educates student teachers, presents internationally, is a mum to three & has taught 100's of women during their pregnancy & post natal recovery. She works closely with leading anatomy researchers & women's health Physiotherapists.

Exercise on The Go
Improve Your Life

I teach Pilates so that you can be the best mum, women & athlete of your own life that you truly want to be & deserve to be!

Whether you want to run a marathon, play a sport, take long walks or just keep up with your children. This course will set you up with the best foundation to do it all!

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Claire Sparrow

I wanted to create the course that I wish I had! After having my first son I had Diastasis Recti and had little to no support so I made it my mission to learn all I could to heal myself. I then went on to teach 100's of women through multiple pregnancies over the last 15 years.

Claire Sparrow