What happened to your Pelvis?

I was shocked that my first birth was not what I expected & my pelvis didn't respond as I expected either. Induction, tearing, episiotomy & I felt like I had been through quite a traumatic experience. I didn't know what to do, who to ask & how my abdominal muscles & Pelvic Floor should feel & respond. I made it my own personal mission to heal myself & along the way I realised I wasn't actually alone! Birth injuries occur in 90% of births & that injury needs rehabilitation like any other.

Is this you?

Not sure what is normal.

Didn't get a full postnatal check of yourself. 

Are you so focused on your children that your health comes last?

Do you worry about the future impact of your birth injury?

Are you worried about continence today & for the future?

It's not all about the pelvic floor

Treating your pelvic floor is not the only way to restore your pelvic health. It is an important part of your whole body that all needs to be restored.

You need Whole Body Balance

All of the joints & muscles need to be brought back into balance so that your pelvic floor can heal & restore itself.

Pain is not normal

If you are experiencing pain please get support from your health care provider. Pain can be many things & can be resolved with breath & release work!

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